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Spax  screws, Ennepetal – compact solutions for manufacturing of screws are required

Modernization and upgrades in the manufacturing of screws with VIPA 200V, the very limited space in the control cabinets set boundaries for the automation technology.

A screw is not simply a screw

For years SPAX has been the epitome of screws that are used every day, not only by DIY enthusiasts, but are also found throughout the living areas. Although screws have hardly changed in appearance for decades, nevertheless in every screw from the house of SPAX lies a lot of know-how. The new multi-head, the patented wave profile or 4CUT tip stand for new developments, which make a high-tech product out of a simple screw. Quality and customer service are paramount with all products.

Screw manufacture on specially refined machines and systems

To meet the high quality requirements, it was decided early on to develop the machinery and equipment for production of screws throughout the ABC group of companies even further and build on the requirements. Because of this, a variety of different machines with the then-current control technology has accumulated via contactors and relays over the years. SPAX has been in contact VIPA since 2004 because Michael Naumann, head of the electrical engineering, liked the compact controllers very much. They opened up the possibility of converting some machines to modern PLC technology even with the very limited space in the control cabinets. With the wide range of options in a uniform size, all automation requirements can be covered by a single system.

STEP 7 programming – they are very familiar with it at SPAX

The ability to program the built-in 200V CPUs from VIPA with STEP7 from Siemens also spoke for the VIPA CPUs, especially as STEP 7 had been set as standard at SPAX and the staff were familiar with it and were trained accordingly.

For years, therefore, SPAX has been very satisfied with their decision to have equipped their automation in screw manufacturing with VIPA technology.
50 million SPAX screws are produced daily throughout the ABC group, here everything must fit together!