About us

Innovative automation technology

There is no advancement without innovations. Innovations open new solutions. Innovations bring success. VIPA is seen as innovative by its customers and partners, because here solutions are found by leaving usual routes that bring real competitive advantages. We focus on customer requirements, whether it is simple or complex solutions. !

VIPA customers life the advancement

Our focus to completely satisfy our customers is the main part of all our activities. Our various automatization platforms focus on the requirements of our customers and partners. So for more than 20 years we have been able to completely satisfy our customers with advanced technologies that are part of today´s industrial standard.

The VIPA team as guarantee of success

Our highly motivated and qualified employees ensure the quality of our products and services on a very high level and so the satisfaction of our customers. We constantly scrutinize and revise what exists already and from this develop new products. As a medium sized company we can react very flexibly, quickly and effectively to changing market needs.


Also in your industry we know our way around. 

The world of our customers is the one, which we are to be interested in. And so we have already worked in the most diverse range of industries.
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