Firmware download

The different directories contain  subdirectories with the latest firmware files for VIPA devices.
The download area is devided into System > Product groupe > Product > Order number

The file name of a firmware file has the following structure:

Name = Name respectively order number of your device e.g. CPU315-2AG13
Ax = Hardware state of your device e.g. A1 represents state 1, A2 represents state 2
Vyyy = Firmware version e.g. V324 represents version 3.2.4

Please check the correct order number and hardware state of your device. It is not possible to use firmware files of other devices with a different order number or with a different hardware state.

More information about the firmware update can be found in the according manual of your device. 

For further questions, please call our support department.

Please note:
Discontinuation of VIPA zenon panels