Presenting the completely new developed I/O system SLIO®, VIPA once again sets new standards in the automation industry.

By means of the modular and extremely compact SLIO the realization of almost every automated solution will from now on be simpler and especially more economical. 

SLIO can be combined and applied with each of the established VIPA systems 100V, 200V, 300S, 500S.

It´s one of the most effective and modern decentralized I/O systems available on the market. It combines high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design.


Compact and Space-Saving Design

  • Conceptual separation of electronic and installation layer
  • Space-saving, thin design 
  • Innovative staircase-shaped wiring layer 
  • Simple "Two components set-up"

Clever Labeling and Diagnostic Concept

  • Clear allocation and readability of channel states
  • Simple, time-saving installation and maintenance by means of the connector pin assignment provided on the module
  • Clear, definite labeling of channels
  • Reference designator label remains on the exchange of a module

Installation and Maintainability

  • "Permanent Wiring" enables the exchanging without the disconnection of the wiring  
  • Intelligent slide and plug mechanism for a simple handling
  • Electronic is protected against reverse polarity
  • Encoding of the electronic modules prevents from incorrect plugging

High performance

  • Quick backplane bus concept of 48MBit/s
  • With ETS modules it is possible to switch exactly up to +-1us independent of fieldbus.