300S > Power supply

300S: Power supply

Power supply modules are used to supply the system as well as the sensors and actuators with direct current. They convert the mains AC voltage into a DC voltage of 24 V.

Power supply modules can be mounted on the mounting surface, together with 300S components using a profile rail.

The power supplies have no connection to the backplane bus.


Depending on the model Automatic Wide Range Input detection (AC 100 V - 240 V) or manual switching AC 120/230 V

Connection to a single phase AC voltage network

Nominal input voltage AC 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz

Nominal output voltage DC 24 V

Safe electrical isolation according to EN 60 950

Can be used as load power supply

Front integrated status LEDs for fault diagnosis

Protection against short circuit, overload and open circuit

IP 20 protection

Compact design

24 month warranty

Characteristics SPEED-Bus power supply

Power supply for the CPU 317S

Automatic start-up with the power of the CPU 317S

Output current 5.5 A, total output current max. 10 A

Defined power-down in the case of a power supply failure

Protection against short circuit and overload

Overheat protection

24 month warranty