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300S: 300S accessories

System accessories expand the use of the system and facilitate starting.

Note: Backplane connectors and label strips are supplied with the modules.

Memory Extension

MMC cards can be used to store program and data. By inserting a VIPA MCC card the work memory can be expanded without exchanging the CPU.

Each CPU has an integrated memory. During the program flow, 50% of the work memory is used for the program code and 50% for data.

Profile Rail with integrated High-SPEED Backplane Bus

Various SPEED7 CPUs are equipped with a parallel SPEED-Bus, which enables the additional connection of up to 10 modules from the SPEED-Bus peripheral. While, the standard I/O modules are plugged right of the CPU and connected via single-bus connector, the connection of the SPEED-Bus I/O modules takes place via the SPEED-Bus connector strip integrated in the profile rail left of the CPU.

Front Connectors

For signal modules and CPUs with integrated peripherals appropriate front connector with spring clamp or screw terminals are available.


The technical documentation of the respective modules encompasses various manuals with the necessary hardware and programming information, detailed descriptions of each module, and instructions for structure and assembly.